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Lead Paint Safety

  What is lead paint? You need to change a window in your 50-year old home. As an informed homeowner, you know that disturbing the paint in an older home may expose your family to lead poisoning. So your research adventure begins… Lead paint or lead-based paint, is a paint containing lead. Lead is added to paint to...
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Homeowner Tips – Your Exterior Paint Job Vs. New England Seasons

THE NEW ENGLAND SEASONS From below freezing temperatures in the winter to long hot summer days, the wood and surfaces on our exterior siding and trim is constantly expanding and contracting. Even in the summer when you might be thinking “this is not so bad…” we have the early morning fog suddenly shifting to the afternoon...
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10 Steps to Professionally Spray Your Cabinets

THE MOST AFFORDABLE KITCHEN REMODELING SOLUTION The cabinets of your kitchen are the main focal point, it makes the bold statement about your kitchen of modern or outdated. Unfortunately as you may have discovered by now, kitchen remodeling is often the most expensive home improvement project. What if we told you it doesn’t always have to...
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